Medical personnel are continually promoting the benefits of exercise for the body. These experts tell us it is necessary to maintain optimum health. Not many of these same medical professionals mention the benefits of exercising your funny-bone. Proper care and feeding of this important part of your mental anatomy is essential to maintaining  a good sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. The plain and simple fact of it all is that you can exercise and improve the use of your funny bone and your outlook with a little exercise of the same. In fact, a good thing to have up your sleeve is a funny-bone.

There are some tips I can give you that will help you stimulate your funny bone and get you into the habit of using it daily. Spreading humor and cheer around your home and the work place can certainly enhance your own well being and the well being and attitudes of those with whom you relate on a daily basis. The following are some tips I have found helpful in exercising my own funny bone and which I have used over the years to enhance my sense of humor and hopefully the lives and attitudes of others I am in contact with. Humor and the use there  of, is actually just a state of mind.

First, you can teach yourself to get into the habit of thinking funny. If we broach a subject  or situation from the standpoint  of “what’s funny about this”, and if we look for a possible humorous intention we just might find it. You can find something funny in just about everything if you begin to teach yourself to think funny.

Next, after you begin to teach yourself to think funny you should begin to practice thinking humorously. It can be done in sales meeting by listening to what others say and then putting out a heat-seeking missile of humor. Never be afraid to go for a laugh in a meeting or in a group discussion when things are getting tense. It can actually relieve the tension in the meeting and open up a free flow of ideas.

When you begin to think funny and practice thinking humorously you will begin to develop your creativity. One of the easiest and quickest ways to develop your creativity is by assigning different meanings to advertisements you hear and see and read. It can be a clever exercise as you test your creativity.

Maintain an air of mischief without malice. If you are thinking funny and on a humorous bent it is very easy to inject comments in conversation that can be mischievous and fun. It can all be done without malice and without baseness. But you have to be ready to seize the moment. Most of us think of humorous things to say after we have walked away from a meeting or group. The key is to think of them sooner rather than later so you can inject them into the conversation.

A key point to remember is to never accept, in your own mind, the standard meaning of things. By that I mean, if you are thinking humorously and exercising your funny-bone you can see things that others may not see. One of my favorite things to do is read the Headlines in the Newspaper and conjure up different meanings. For example; I saw a headline that read, “Red tape holds up new
bridge.” Think about that! If red tape is holding up the bridge, I don’t want to drive over it.

Make the best of your imagination. Napoleon said, ” Imagination rules the world.” Use your mind and stimulate your brain so that your imagination rushes forth like a flash of light. Learn to capture and utilize these Brain Flashes and exercise your imagination. Think, explore, and visualize in your minds eye things that might be out of the box.

Take a lead from the children. Approach life in a child like manner. The creativity and imagination of a child is full of wonder, oddity, and uniqueness. It seems that once we get older and get serious about life we lose this child like wonderment and awareness. Remember what it was like to think and wonder out loud as a child, before you got older and learned it all and got serious about life.

By all means read and watch humorous material. You can learn a lesson about humor and humor creation by watching sitcoms and comedy shows and analyzing the humor. Follow the script and consider how these writers came up with the funny lines in the sitcoms. It is a brilliant exercise and it stimulates your funny-bone.

Another thing you can do is to hang out with funny people. Hang out with people who make you laugh in a good and wholesome manner. Don’t hang out with people who are mired in problems and who act like they were weaned on dill pickle juice when they were children. Stay away from negative people. Hang out with positive and upbeat people who have a sense of humor and who have the ability to make you laugh.

Be willing to take calculated risks by using the humor you come up with amongst your friends. If they are your friends, real friends, they will encourage you if you are funny and critique you if you are not. Be willing to practice your humor crafting at every opportunity. Enjoy life and enjoy the people you are with on a daily basis. Cultivate a sense of warmth and friendliness and frivolity. Train yourself to think funny and again, practice, practice, practice.

Using the aforementioned tips won’t make you ready for Letterman or the Tonight Show, but they will serve to help you teach yourself to think funny and in a humorous vein. Keep in mind that when developing any sort of muscle you must exercise that muscle. The same applies to the Funny-bone. Exercise it often. You only reach the top by topping yesterday’s effort. You can be funnier tomorrow than you were today if you will exercise that funny-bone!


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