Dazzle Them with Vague Verbal Verbiage

Speakers attend meetings because that’s where we do our thing. Attendees want to learn how to communicate in a brave new world, how to chart their course for success and thrive in the new economy. In today’s marketplace, “BUZZSPEAK” is very important.

Everyone must learn the “Buzz Speak” of success. I have made a discovery that can make you sound like one of the brave new success warriors ready to find solutions to the problems of our time. You will be able to enjoy the “Magic of the Moment” when you string these words and phrases together in any meeting from the boardroom to the breakout session to the big keynote. Here are the tools of “Buzzspeak”: Pay attention, learn from the masters and listen to how they speak. We will see you at the top.

Imagine the awe and respect you will garner when you open your mouth at an important, life-changing meeting and you say something like, “If we are to be proactive and not reactive in the creation of synergy, we must learn to think outside the box and be on the same page in order to extrapolate a win-win situation.” Beautiful, yes? Is the energy flowing yet?

As the discussion continues, you spew forth this gem: “If we take your comments offline and do a gap analysis, I believe the best practice would be a strategic fit to ensure a client-focused outcome. This would add a more attractive bottom-line as we touch base with our core business.” Gee, you sound brilliant.

Then you might add: “The lessons learned from revisiting the game plan have put those out of the loop into the loop and have established a value-added approach to help us evaluate the big picture. We can now go the extra mile in validating the benchmark and empowering our employees.” Wow! I feel very connected with my inner and outer self.

Finally, as the meeting drones on and you continue to establish yourself as a verbal genius and intuitive pacesetter, you conclude with: “Since we are in the ballpark and on the fast track with the movers and shakers, I think we can conclude that our result-driven approach is a done deal and will certainly stretch the envelope, procure a total quality mindset, enhance our knowledge base and effectively move the goal posts as we peel the onion back and put this thing to bed.”

Ah! You have stunned them. Wowed them. You have solidified your position as a champion of “Buzzspeak” and you will dwell in the house of the experts and the booked solids forever. It’s a brave new “Buzzspeak” World!

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