Why You Need Kurt

The reason you need Kurt is simple.  Kurt Kilpatrick makes meeting planners look good.  Kurt is the keynote speaker to the speakers earning him the highest honor awarded by the National Speakers Association, the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE) considered to be the Speakers Hall of Fame.

Kurt’s popular program titles include:

  • 90% of Life is Half Mental
  • Create your own Success
  • The Art of using Humor in Business and Sales
  • Don’t take THINGS so Seriously

Kurt Kilpatrick has been a professional humorist and motivational speaker for over thirty-five years. He is skilled at using the art of “Humor in Business” and always works hard to relate his humor and message to the audience. It takes extra work and detailed research but the end result always pays off. Kurt Kilpatrick can add that extra spark at any meeting that will make the event fun, exciting, stimulating, memorable, and extraordinary!

Kurt Kilpatrick delivers fast-paced, topical, Motivational presentations to your audience. His down to earth tailored programs Are punctuated with Impressions, characterizations, and on target Wit and Wisdom that relate to your people. Kurt is an Author, has recorded Two Best Selling Humor Albums, has been featured on America’s Funniest Video’s, is Co-host of a highly rated daily radio Show with Crawford Broadcasting, and speaks regularly to top business groups in North America.

Kurt is a seasoned motivational humorist who uses good, clean, topical humor to get people primed for laughing and learning. His highly entertaining presentations deliver Results with Adults and help meeting planners transform Ho-Hum , ordinary meetings into exciting, motivational, and memorable events.

It doesn’t matter which program you Choose. A Kurt Kilpatrick presentation will GUARANTEE a Laughing and Learning experience with STYLE, SUBSTANCE AND SIZZLE!